Saturday, August 21, 2010

T is for Teressa + Special news

Or you may know her better as

Talon. In the last episode of Static Shock all the Bang babies began to lose their powers. Talon was one of them and due to that she wanted to become normal again. In other words she quit Ebon's crew. That's when we learned her real name was Teressa and boy was she beautiful. The last episode left a lot of things un-solved, but some say it was the perfect ending to the series. Ah well. She's the last girl so let's not waste any time. The episode is called, "Power Outage."

"Can't this wait till morning?" <----- Again I couldn't resist :P

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention she's barefoot the entire episode. Score one for the foot fascists! Also, she's got a really nice back.

Do I spy side boobage?

Y'know until I saw her true form I could never tell her race....I still can't, but I think she's Hispanic. Again I don't know.


Rape much?

For a Kids WB rip the quality is pretty good.

Yay more barefeet!

And I'm afraid that's the last we see of her. So sad. She didn't even smile once. I demand someone make a fanart of her in her normal form smiling! Oh well. Anyway, on the special news. I've recently launched my new blog, "DA's Nightmare" in response to the art that they have been taking down. It is also a sequel to the blog, "Banned from DA" since the owner has been too busy to post on it. I believe posting removed art is easier than posting screencaps so any pictures I get I will be able to post them ASAP. Depending on my schedule of course. I do have to go back to school next week after all. But either way check it out when you get the chance. The Grand opening pictures will be posted shortly. Enjoy!


  1. You said "she's the last girl" did you mean of this series or are you ending this blog?

  2. No. In my Ikuta tribute I said there were going to be five girls after her and Teressa is the last of those five. Don't worry. This blog isn't going anywhere anytime soon. ;)

  3. Awesome Talon's human form looks really hot. Also good luck with the new DA's Nightmare blog. I'll try to visit there often as well. :-D

  4. Talon (Teresa) was a cool character. I didn't like the cure plot at the end though.

  5. I myself like the Static Shock cartoon series, as I find it to be pretty awesome, as well as inspiring for writers, especially fanfiction writers like me. :)