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Saturday, August 21, 2010

N is for Naomi

Girl number 3. This is Naomi from Pokemon Master Quest. She's a Pokemon Marine Biologist. She studies the behavior of undersea Pokemon. In this episode's case, Ash's Lapras who has returned from the Orange Islands. She studies the mystery of Lapras migration....Adventure Ho? Well at least she's cute. These caps are from the episode , "Lapras of Luxary"

That's a different hair shine I've seen.

I love the expressions these women have whenever Brock does this. lol

She also associates with Professor Elm.

Did her skin just get a darker tone?

It must be because they're inside a dim lighted room. God bless the original animation.

It was also because of her that Ash received the Larvitar Egg.

You know who showed up causing trouble.

So now they're in a submarine.

Her mouth looks kind of weird here.

Isn't it convenient that these things always seem to have just the right amount of seats?

She looks really cute here!

lol what's wrong with her face here? It looks funny.

It's a shame he had to get rid of that Larvitar while his rival Ritchie kept his.

And that's it for Naomi. Hardly anyone remembers her. Alright just 2 more girls and a special surprise at the end..oops! I said too much.

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