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Friday, August 20, 2010

N is for Ninagawa

Another Umisho gal. This girl is Amuro Ninagawa. She is one of the main focuses of the Umisho series. She's a very sweet and naive girl. All the boys want her, but she's more interested in Kaname as she fells they've met each other before. Her tribute is the main reason why I didn't put everything in one big post. I have plenty of pictures of her. So let's not waste anytime and get started!


I swear this anime is a foot fanatic's wet dream

They're drawn so perfectly!

Yep. Just by looking at the intro you can tell this is going to be a great anime.

More feet!

The old dude is her father.

I bet she's adopted.

I feel sorry for you if you don't get this joke.

I hope your hormones can handle these fanservice scenes.

She has no shame whatsoever. I admire her for that.

Likewise! ^_^

Most of the applause is coming from the boys.

I'll say!

Remember that little devil from Orizuka's post?

You really can't think straight when your head is out of blood can you?

Cause I know I can't.

That I can do.

Yes these shots are particular as well. But can you blame me?

Such great animation!

Take notes Pokemon DP. Prepare to witness true animation!

THAT'S how you draw a perfect foot!

And to top that off. Wet boobies!

Now on to the swimming contest between her and Orizuka. Ninagawa's never seen a pool before because she always swam in the ocean. Keep this in mind.

Don't be jealous Orizuka.

She's gliding through the water like a mermaid. Kaname said it was a mermaid he was when he went swimming as a little boy. Could Ninagawa be the mermaid he saw?

So cute!


Yay more service scenes!

A brand new day!


Yet she doesn't seem to mind :D

God bless her...


Unfortunately we get a lot of those "humorous" censors.

What does it look like she's doing? She's getting naked!

Why? Does it excite you?

Maybe I should have put a warning for this post.


That's the most nudity we see in the entire series I believe.

That kind of censoring I like.

It's still sexy.

That water looks beautiful.

Guess who saw her?


Good lord even her dad is in his underwear. That's NOT a pretty sight.

I believe that means big ocean in Japanese.

Such a cheerful girl.

But sadly this post has to come to an end. Marking this one with ecchi as well.  Alright, 3 more girls headed your way!

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