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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

O is for Orizuka

Yippie another anime girl. I don't have a problem with them it's just that I'm aiming to do more obscure girls  from old TV shows like in the 80s or 90s. For example, Aimee from Galaxy High. But anime girls are pretty obscure as well especially if they're from ecchi anime (which I enjoy a lot). As long as they're not very well known like Sailor Moon. And I don't think that you guys mind either. Well enough of that. Let's get down to business. This is Orizuka Momoko from Umisho. You can find out (mostly) everything about her in the screencap above, but what you will not find out is her personality. Well, she's not a bitch, but she's very...."anal" sometimes. She wants everything to be perfect and hates slackers. She doesn't like any of the boys on the swim team (since the majority of them are perverts and weirdoes), but she..."tolerates" the manager of the swim team, Kaname Okiura (the main character of the series). For those who haven't seen Umisho then I suggest you watch it cause it's a great anime. Well let's get started shall we? Starting with some great shots from the opening.

Yeah I can already tell this anime's gonna be good

Oh yes expect a lot of foot shots my fellow foot fascists.

True art...

Now that's the kind of foot animation I'm talking about! Look at how well positioned the toes are! Say Pokemon DP animetors! Take some lessons from these guys will ya?

They may not know how to draw noses, but they sure know much more about correct shading and human anatomy and don't waste much of their "animetion" on special effects on moves!

Double the feet, double the boner. For foot fascists like me anyway :P

Here's that anal personality I told you about. She wants nothing but perfection.

That other cute girl is named Ikuta Makio. Expect a tribute to her one day.

Enter the next main focus of the series. You'll see her in a minute.

Here she is! This sweet, but very naive girl is named Amuro Ninagawa. She and Kaname apparently know each other.

Ikuta has a breast fetish as well. I bet she's enjoying this.

Am I the only one who thinks these characters look better without noses?

This is Amuro's first time at a swimming pool.


Orizuka senpai has a great taste in lingere...

And big beautiful breasts

Of course we don't see them bare anytime, but we get REALLY close moments.

If only cartoons in the USA were like this. Obama needs to shut down the FCCA.

I would say she looks goofy in those goggles as she has no nose, but unlike Ursula, Orizuka is a respectable character.

That's what you deserve bitch!

Hey this is a swimming team. Shots like these are expected. 

Kaname probably has the best job in the world.

Yes. We can see your eyes through those goggles.

No no that's a good thing!

If you don't get this joke, I feel sorry for you.

lol at Kaname's face! You bet he got bitch slapped big time.

Man I wish I was Kaname.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Yay! Butt outline! Also, Amuro likes to wear stuff like that. She doesn't mind who's watching her. A very very naive girl.

I guess I see something close to a nose in this shot.

Animal like behavior is the secret to success. Well his success anyway.

YES! YES! Strip down naked and act like a wild she-beast and you'll be very successful! I'll critique you!

Hey you brought this on yourself honey.

Kaname can't swim. God this is one lucky bastard. But of course she knocked him to his senses.

Ah so you do care about him.

Don't deny it Orizuka. You do care about Kaname. But I'm afraid that's it for your post. The next girl is a person I've been wanting to do forever, so it's gonna be big. T'heres to another post marked with an ecchi tag! Until the next post, I leave you with this: