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Thursday, July 8, 2010

S is for Sumomo (Maylene) + Happy birthday to me

 Well first off today's my birthday. Woohoo!  So to celebrate, I'll be playing Pokemon Yellow, a game I haven't played since I was a kid. To tie in with that, I'll be doing a tribute to my favorite Gym Leader within the whole series, Sumomo (Maylene). I was actually requested to do her from Match25. She is pretty forgotten when you think about it. So without further information let the tribute begin from the episode, "Lucario! Wave Bomb of Anger!" (Yeah I watched the Japanese version again.)


Prepare to strike!

Interesting figure.

Nice thighs. What other martial artist do we know has big thighs? I'll leave that up to you.


Did she just kick Aura Sphere? Wow. That's like the equivalent of kicking Shadow Ball.

Well more or less.

Yeah I think your pants are falling Sumomo.

But Lucario wants to keep at it.

Maybe that's what he wants.


Sick pervert.

She looks kind of cute in this scene.

Do her eyes look a little off here? *Sigh* Curse the animetors for not being able to draw my favorite Gym Leader right.

That's better.

Meet your next challenger Sumomo. Satoshi.

Well why?

What else do you want to discuss?

Understand what? You aren't.....upset about losing your last match are you?

She just knocked Aura Sphere with her hand just now....This girl's amazing.

Have you noticed that all anime girls with the name Sumomo have pink hair? What's up with that?

Sumomo from Chobits.

Well technically the series is called Sumomomo momomo, but the main character is named Momoko and she has pink. I just don't understand the connection between the name and pink hair.

She pretty much speaks for herself here.

That's nothing to be ashamed of. It's pretty much a Gym Leader's duty to lose matches.

But of course she doesn't understand that.

Am I the only one who think she looks cute when she's meditating?

Here comes Hikari or Dawn for some girl talk.

Aw com'on! The animetors can't even draw feet right!

Hikari is telling her about her many contest failures and that you just have to keep trying.

Not good enough animetors.

That's a little better. But still not good enough.

Even she's upset at the animetors.

Guess who showed up.

They're trying to convice Lucario to go with them.

Which of course doesn't work.

Yep. And look! She's smiling! :)

Couldn't agree more Sumomo. Well that's it for her post. I'm off to enjoy my birthday some more. See you guys soon! :)


  1. I wish you a happy birthday.

    I remember this girl. That thing in her nose was distracting, but I get used to it.

  2. Yay hot barefoot gym leader. ^_^

    Happy Birthday Digiharrisom. :-)