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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A is for Aimee

Now for a real forgotten toon girl. Aimee is from an 80s show called Galaxy High. It's about 2 complete opposite students, Aimee Brightower and Doyle Cleverlobe getting transfered to a High School full of aliens (It's the 80s man(s)). As you can guess Aimee is the unpopular (hot) nerdy girl while Doyle is the stupid, popular tough guy until they go to Galaxy High and their roles practically switch (meaning Aimee's popular, but still smart and hot and Doyle is un-popular and still stupid. Go figure). Anyway, these screencaps are from the first episode appropriately titled, "Welcome to Galaxy High".

Starting with caps from the intro.

Doyle's such a dick.

Complete opposites.

Now she's the popular one. And when you're cute, smart, and popular you've got it made.

Now into the episode. Starting off with Doyle and traditional acting like a dick routine.

Of all the boys on earth, poor Aimee had to be paired with this divvy.

And even she knows that.

Welcome to the warp zone!

Eh, you'll get use to it.

Uh oh. Ominous shadow approaching.

And enter their first alien. The class president, Milo De Venus. As you can see he has six hands.

And here's Mr. Dick doing what he does best.

He asked her if she wanted a date. With him? Hah! "Get serious."

But he is serious and despite his douchebagery earlier she agrees.

Dickhead..I mean Doyle: "Then you can go out with this." What a dick.

The lockers are computer automatied and alive. Awesome school.

Besides, with Aimee there it's paradise.

Attitude look.

Those are all females by the way. In their galaxy, the females are more scarce than the males. So dickhead Doyle gets no attention from the ladies whatsoever. HA! HA! No lesbian jokes please. I shiver just at the thought of think of them.

Enter her two of her three (soon to be) best friends. On the right, Booey Bubblehead (the odd one). And on left right, Wendy Garbo (the sexy fashionable one).

Very sexy...*drools* Doh! What am I doing?! This is Aimee's post!

And this is Gilda Gossip (the chatty one).

The moniter is a floating radio.

More exploring!

Now for the homeroom.

Aimee has excellent records.

A walking blackboard just came in. They've just seen a walking gym not too long ago. Nothing should surprise them now.

Oh com'on it's a walking blackboard! They just saw a walking gym! It shouldn't surprise them.

Blackboard: "Mai girl. Your records are what all true high school students strive for!"

And here's our favorite girl now doing what she does best. Being smart.

What's this?


Flash Flood!

Run for your life Aimee! Garbage eating Giant, pink, dog on the loose.

Back with the old gang. Booey, Gilda, &....Wendy....

Ah, such beauty is too great to behold...Wait a minute! This is still Aimee's post! Must...control...hormones....

Well now it's over since this creep is here. That's what he is. A Creep. Seriously.

*Sigh* If only she knew how annoying this thing is. She will find out soon.

Yippie! Now they're friends 4 life!!

Looks like douchefag met his match.

Hey look! Aimee's got a car now!

While Aimee's smart and popular with a brand new car, Dickhead Doyle's stuck with a scooter. Oh the irony! The hilarious irony!

Throughout this scene and after she gets a makeover to fit in with the aliens. And the results gave us this...

0.0 WOW!!!

Now that looks like a traditional alien group! Well not too traditional. After all 2 of them are super hot including...

♥♥♥♥Wendy♥♥♥♥ *Swoons* *Slaps self* Aimee's post! Aimee Aimee Aimee! Focus Digi focus!

*Chuckles* Well what do you know? Dickhead Doyle had to get a job to pay for his tuition while Aimee's popular with alien girls one of them WHO I WILL NOT MENTION AGAIN is hot. Aimee also has a scholarship and car. I refer you to irony again.

Even with blue skin she's a hottie. Even before then she was still hot. But this look let's her blend in with the crowd now.

And she's as cute as hell while doing it!

Yes the Creep's still there, but while getting her makeover she got them both detached.

"We asked for extra cheese. Take it back!" Yeah dickhead. Now who's top dog....or cat....or whatever animal represents women.

Dance Party!

Wow. Now the dickhead decides it's time to forget and forgive. The minute she's a liiitle bit more popular than him. Just comes to show you that even the 80s had douchefags.

"You asked me to leave you alone remember?" Yeah. Remember?

Enter douchebag #2

Dickhead Doyle has a chance to redeem himself in a game of Suckleball (I think). Otherwise known as hockey except the puck is alive.

Dickhead Doyle scored a point! And since the other douchebag is a bigger douchebag than Doyle Aimee is now on Doyle's side.

The other douchebag cheated.

"We're with ya Doyle!" See? She said it herself. Now she's on his side since he's learned his lesson.

"Football! Think football!"

Doyle wins! Huzzah!

The next day (with no insight on where Aimee and Doyle are staying now by the way.)

Oh com'on that thing is still there?!

And that's it for this sexy now space girl and her friends Booey, Gilda, &.....

Wendy.....Oh com'on Aimee's post is over now so I can swoon over anyone I want to. See you next time. Maybe for a while because tomorrow is my birthday! W00T!!!! Com'on Wendy let's dance! P.S: Low quality screencaps were from me. Higher quality ones are from Otakuphrenia.


  1. There was a beach episode with Aimee in bikini!!

  2. Damn! Aimee and Wendy are sexy!
    This show was never aired in my country, shoot!
    Even when was dubbed to spanish.

  3. There are episodes on youtube if you're interested.