Saturday, July 17, 2010

A is for Amanda, M is for Melissa, Y is for Yuma, D is for Diana, & A is for Akane

I hope you guys have got good browsers in your arsenals for this post. It's gonna be huge! 5 girls in one post. We'll start with Amanda a.k.a the girl I wanted to do, but was delayed because filestube fucked up the episode. So then I had to download a 7 GB torrent to get high quality episodes from a DVD Rip of the series because the rest were just rips of the Kids WB version and it took a total of two days to get finished. As Jeff Corwin would say, "The things I do for you guys." Well let's not waste anytime. Let the post begin! First up, Amanda! (Another girl requested by Match25) From the episode, "Shadow Dance".

As you can guess, she likes Kurt but knows " a little more" about him...

And she's insanely hot and has a great voice.

And nice hair.

And a cute smile.

There's no shame in wearing gloves Kurt. All great people wear gloves.

Right Mario?

This girl reminds me so much of Katara from Avatar for some reason. Especially here where she looks like the Fire Nation version of her.

So pretty...

She just told Kurt she knows his "true" form.

And his dying to know even more about him.

She seems a bit obsessive at first.

And you should hear the way she says "can you show me?" I know she's referring to his true form, but just the way she says implies she wants to see "something else". I'm a dirty boy :3

But their dance is interrupted by Digimon rejects. I'm serious the creatures that attack them look like Digimon rejects.

Without any other option Kurt uses his powers to teleport. Whilst denying everything.

Flashback! This is when she first saw him.

And she get's an eyeful of blue skin.

And that's it for Amanda. A rarely seen toon girl in one of my favorite cartoons.

I swear this just has so many second meanings lol! Ok time for Melissa.

If you haven't guessed already she's from Pokemon DP (the JP version). She's the Gym leader of Hearthome City and user of Ghost-type Pokemon. In America she's a French woman named Fantina. In Japan that's sort of reversed as she's English. I was very curious to see her in the JP version of the anime and she's very elegant, cute, and according to PokeAni she's 30 years-old, so she's young (hooray!). While in America she sometimes speaks in French, in Japan she'll sometime talk in English (which I find amusing). It's very hard to find good quality Japanese Pokemon episodes, but I managed to find two of the ones that have Melissa in them at this site. Well let's not delay! Melissa, stage on! P.S: Some of these images may seem out of sequence.

Also in the anime she wears this purple eye liner stuff.

You bet Melissa. The anime is very different than the game. I've learned my lesson. Yeah.

She'd be more sexy if the animetors would actually cared about giving the female characters some actual breasts and cleavage.

Again fanart gets it right. Ok maybe not this big, but something close tp that (Sora from Pokesho did one, but I can't find it for some reason.

It is?

No. Twinleaf Town.

God the new animetors have no concept on human anatomy. GIVE HER SOME FREAKING BREASTS!!!

Who? The guy that drew you?

I love her expression in this scene. Very pouty.

What? You were expecting an upskirt? Sicko.

Yup. The biggest post I've done so far.

Such beautiful eyes!

She does that a lot too.

Is this how she controls her ghost Pokemon?

If that's not her hottest/cutest look or pose then I don't know what is.

I hate Levitate.

I hate that even more.

Yes! Let Buizel pummel you into a pulp!


God! Look how flat she is. Give these females some content will ya animetors? If you could turn this:

into this:

Then why can't you do the same for the other female gym leaders like Melissa? Oh that's right, because we don't have cel-shading anymore. Which is why we have a bunch of animation errors like this:

Yeah that's kid-friendly. Moving on!

Coolest way to hold a Pokeball.

You tell me.

0_0 I guess they gave her breasts here, but....I really can't tell.

To bad we can't use it in the game.

Especially when it has 55% chance of hitting!

Because I'm in love with you :D

And thank you for being cute enough to be featured in this post. But before we end yours there's just one scene I'd like to post from that episode.

Lol! I'm sorry, but the way she said "Oh my god!" just makes me laugh for some reason. Alright moving on, here's Yuma from an ecchi anime called High School Girls.

High School Girls is mostly an anime about...High School Girls. It's entertaining to say the least. The life of a high school girl isn't what they dreamed at all. Yuma is the headstrong one of the group. She's a bit mild-tempered at times and wears striped panties most of the time (remember this is an ecchi anime). These screencaps are from the DVD version and I took them in VLC fullscreen and used the print screen key. It's not easy since I cannot do the video frame by frame. Oh well, this is her from the first episode appropriately titled, "High School Girls are Idiots".

Who exactly are we talking about here?

Whoops. My bad ^^'

Whereas at my school there are 8 classes. They're relatively short however.

You mean the one where she lied about being a senpai?

Cat fight!

Her last name is Suzuki.

The girl next to her is the naive one of the group named Anayo.

Now what you've been waiting for


Ok so they're nothing special, but aren't you wondering who Eriko is?

Well now you know ^_^ and Yuma is still wearing striped panties. We're nearing the end folks! Next up is Diana from Martin Mystery.

Diana is Martin's incredibly hot sister. I don't know much about her since I wasn't a bit Martin Mystery fan. She appears to be the brains of the group. Anyway this is another one I had trouble finding in HQ. Sadly I had no luck finding one. It was either SQ or wait another two days for a DVD-rip torrent. It's not terrible quality so I guess it'll do. These caps are from the episode, "Terror in the Sky."

Marathon proves once more that it never fails to provide us with insanely hot women. Next to Diana is (I guess) her friend, Jenny. Since she's hot she's too good for Martin. Go figure. She appears to be older than Diana though.

The Martin Mystery group seems to have better transportation methods than WHOOP.

The angry woman is none other than M.O.M. It'll take too long to explain. I'm getting tired.

Next to Diana is Java the Caveman. Like I said. I don't watch the show much so I don't remember how he came to be.

The other girl is a character of the day named Sadie. As you can guess, Martin falls for her too.

"Why is my brother such a perv?!"

Yay! Pink shorts FTW! And kitty cat T-shirt.

They're dealing with a fly monster who stores her victims in cocoons until she's ready to eat them. For some reason, Diana makes this "girls covered in slime" fetish seem pleasing to the eye.

o_o Very pleasing.

Wait how did she get clean so fast?

And that's the end of Diana. I forgot to mention she also has a cute voice. How did someone like Martin get blessed with a hot sister like her? Last but not least, Akane!

Akane who you may know better as Whitney is the Gym Leader of Goldenrod City and user of Normal-type Pokemon. In the anime she's a bit of a ditz in the anime as she gets lost in her own town easily. I haven't seen this episode in English and there were no subtitles for this episode so I just have to use my imagination for this one :D. Ok let's not waste anytime. The final girl of this post, Akane from the episode "Kogane Gym! Speed & Power!?"

Pikachu doesn't like being kissed by random women.

Oh look. She's taller than Ash! She seemed so much younger in the game whereas she cried like a baby when you defeated her. According to PokeAni she's 16.

Remember when I said I strive for the best quality and nothing less? That's not the case this time since I'm watching the JP version of this episode. It's not terrible quality either.

Umm, what happened to her nose?

Wrong place. Like I said, she's a bit of ditz.

I just love her legs.

Looks like they finally found the gym.

And she accepted his challenge.

But I guess she said something wrong?

First Pokemon.

I also love her shorts.

"Nidorina Go!"

Should I mention her Nidorina died from one hit of Cyndaquil's Flamethrower? How weak.

I can't wait to tell you about her Clefairy.

It used Metronome...

And used

And it ran away from the battle. Wow, that Clefairy's such a Pansie.

But now it's time for the powerhouse of her team. You know it, you hate, give it up for...

Well it's not in any of the screencaps, but it's Miltank! And it used Rollout to take out every one of Ash's Pokemon. 

God that thing was a bitch to take down in Silver.

And that's it for Whitney and my post. Whew, this one was time consuming. I have even more girls I want to do, but I refused to put them in this post because that would waste even more time. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you want a High quality episode of Shadow Dance you can get it here. Uploaded it myself. Probably won't do this big of a post again for a while. See you guys later! P.S: My cousin won 2nd place! Woo hoo!


  1. awesome. So many gorgeous woman to stare at. Don't even know which one to admire first. O_O Excellent post Digiharrisom!!

  2. Great post!
    I thank you for the time needed to make this post.

    Actually, in the cartoon, Diana is Martin´s stepsister (but ther were husband and wife in the original comics... so yeah...)

  3. Thanks everyone. Glad you all enjoyed it!

  4. Hey, I have alittle suggestion... Since you posted pics of Diana (From "Martin Mystery") I was wondering you can do the same for Jenny since you already mentioned her plus, I think she qualify as a forgetton character do to the fact that she dosen't get any screentime!

    There's an episode titled "Monster Movie Mayhem" where Jenny is featured halfway through the final act, I recommend getting pics from that!