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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Y is for Yin

No she isn't in this suit the entire time. I just want to build up the surprise of her natural look. This is detective Ellen Yin from The Batman. She is prohibited with working with the Dark Knight as the public doesn't trust him yet. Of course she ignores that fact and partners with him sometimes. One of those times is in this episode, "Riddled" where as you may have guessed The Riddler challenges her to a series of riddles. I got a lot of screencaps of her so get ready for a big tribute.

Something about her eyes looks weird in this scene. I don't know why they just do.

They're back to normal in this scene.

Presenting her natural look. Yep. She's an Asian. (and there's nothing wrong with that ;)

And as mentioned in the beginning she's with the dark knight.

And enter the Riddler.

Riddler: "Someone is very bright. Step into the light. So the Riddler can see you."

It's very rare to see someone in bright light in this series. At least to me it is.

After all it is a Batman show.

She has to solve the riddles or else those bombs will explode.

Back to the darkness.

Finally. Out of that fat suit.

Attaching Xbox Live headset for the riddler answers from Batman. He's already solved them. Get it? I hate explaining my jokes but I feel they're a bit too discreet sometimes. Let's just say she's getting tips from an experienced player on a certain game which includes riddle solving.

This is like 5 minutes after the opening and they're just now showing the credits?

I forgot to mention it's a wireless 360 headset. :D

Yin's a very serious woman and takes no shit. As you can tell she doesn't take lightly to this riddle game.

And if you've seen the show you can hear she apparently picked up an American accent fast. I find it questionable how some Asians do that.  Years of practice maybe?

*BOOM* She's dead.

Naah, we know the Riddler's better than that.

Yay more light! And this animation is pretty good too.

See what I mean?

She's playing one of the hardests game ever made.

Curse the Riddler! I knew he was bad, but having Yin play N+ is just cruel!

"Can't you see how hard this game is? Don't rush me!"

And on top of that the car's moving.

But more help from wayne1939 will soon end the game.

Damn ghost car.

We sure have a lot of these shots don't we?

I know it's hard Yin, but you can do it.

When the ghost car stops moving of course.

Com'on just little more!

Whew! Made it.

Time for the next riddle.

"No! No more games!"

Annoying isn't he Yin?

But you deal with him all througout the game until you solve all the riddles.

The infamous piano riddle.

Batman: "Your other left."

Time for the last riddle.

Riddler: "Everything in me is ancient."

Now for the hardest riddle ever.

A man builds a house with all 4 sides facing north. A bear walks past the house. What color is the bear?

Umm...what's up with her eyes in this scene?

North? Bear? South? Polar Bear? White!

Her eyes look weird in this scene too.

Batman: "There are no bears in the south. This riddle has no answer."

Gelatin? Aw, why did you waste it? Ratchet might need that for his Gelanator!

Well he would.

You have no idea what it can do Yin.

Though in these situations it wouldn't do you so good.

Okay...what's up with her right eyebrow?

She looks a little young to have wrinkles doesn't she?

Hey, but she still got out!

Again with the wrinkled eyebrow.

Oh yeah. She's trained in martial art skills too.

"What did you expect? You said I was young."

And you know what else?

She can kick ass!

And you know what else? She reminds me of an older version of Jade from Jackie Chan.

Think about it. They're both Chinese, cocky, can kick ass, headstrong,

And they both have that weird ass eyebrow thing going on. But most of all, they were both created by the same person, Jeff Matsuda. That's why the animation looks similar to each other. Very uncanny.

Thing is. Yin is hot and Jade is cute. There's a difference.

And there she is with chief rocks for brains.

The Riddler spilled her secret affiliation with Batman, but of course it was in riddle form and Yin had to explain it to the chief...Which of course he doesn't get.

God she looks cute here!

You know who just left.

And that's Detective Yin folks. Hope you enjoyed her. Well only two days left until my birthday. Not sure if I'll be able to do a tribute to someone that day, but we'll see. It may be even bigger than you think. P.S: Second Jade picture came from KingsSideCastle's Anime Feet blog from part 2 of his Jade tribute. Awesome blog. He's improving a lot with his picture quality.


  1. Thanks very much for the blog mention Digiharrisom. ^_^ Ellen Yin is really hot. I really missed her in the later seasons of the Batman. I was always wondering why the animation between the Batman cartoon and Jackie Chan adventures looked so similar. Awesome post!! ^_^

  2. I was always bothered by the fact that even though she played a huge part in the first two seasons, when they got to the thrid, she had just completely vanished, with only a passing mention of her character in the episode 'Artifacts' midway in the fourth season. A real shame :(