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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

E is for Erika

I was supposed to do her a couple of Wednesdays ago. Well this is Erika from Pokemon. She is the Gym Leader of the Celadon Gym. She specializes in Grass-type Pokemon. Unlike most characters in the Pokemon series she's more traditonally Japanese wearing kimonos that represent beauty. In the anime she even sported a Geisha look st one point (which I didn't take screencaps of). However her look normal look really made up for it. So without further ado, I bring you Erika, the anime version from the episode, "Pokemon Scent-sation!"

Ah yes, she has a Gloom.

Aww she was a cute little girl!

She was being ra...I mean attacked by a Grimer.

And Gloom saved her life

Now she's about to batlle with Ash who insulted her perfume thus he was banned from the gym and dressed up as a girl and snuck in. Very weird.

Erika's very close to her Pokemon as well which is what makes her a great trainer.

And how about her hair? Doesn't get any better than good old cel-shading. Bet you don't see any of that in Pokemon now. Right Maylene?

Shame fanart is the only one to get it right. Kudos to Soara!

But even in her artwork her hair is shiny. What? I like shiny hair.

Oh yeah she wears a short dress in the anime too. BIG improvement.


Egyptian dancing.

Sparkling beauty...

"Oh no"

"Weepinbell, Razor Leaf!"

Girls look cute when they laugh.

The Gym caught on fire due to you know who and she can't find Gloom.


And that's Erika folks. Now throughout the episode she kept saying Ash had no coordination with his Pokemon meaning he needed to train more. There should have been at least one more episode with her teaching Ash how to be one with his Pokemon, but nope. So everything she said was completely worthless and didn't sink in at all. There weren't even flashbacks of her. Oh well. She's here so I guess that's ok! Next up is a girl with the name of one of the Pokemon games. Coincidentally she also has blue hair! :D


  1. O_O Great...These Gym leaders are really hot. ^_^

    Blue hair and has the name of a Pokemon game. *Thinks* Wonder who it could be?

    Anyway...looking forward to her. ^_^

  2. I remember this girl...

    In that episode, Meouth said something like:

    "The drawers of the show never give me a nose".

    Good times.

  3. I love Erika so much, I could blow up!She's got a
    soft voice,great hair, a great bow, and great others!She's better than anyone else!I wish she'd
    come to life!

  4. When I was little, this episode was one of my favorites because of Erika (and "Ashley" XD). I thought she was the coolest and I still do! :D
    I'm glad I stumbled upon this blog.