Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anniversary Post #1: Y is for Yumi and J is for Jenny

Starting off the Anniversary post with these two beauties since they don't have as many screencaps as the other girls do. You know her, you love her, give it up for Yumi Ishiyama once again and give it up for Jenny whose getting her first post here! Let's start with Yumi since she's already had a post here. These screencaps are from the episode, "Mauvaise Conduite" (Yes I watched the French version again. Here it's called, "A Bad Turn.")

I originally chose this episode because I was told Yumi appeared in a swimsuit, but that turned out to be false since no character appears in any swimwear.

That guy there is William he's always being flirtatious with Yumi, but she doesn't even like him. Also here's a fun fact: his English voice actor, David Gasman, also does the voice of Rayman! (When he could talk)

Or rather when everyone could talk.

She's waving at Ulrich.

But after seeing her and William together in the other screencap he's ignoring her.

I find it funny how she's taller than him.

These two always appear to fight most of the time.

And here's trouble.

One of the monsters from LYOKO is on the loose.

"Que faire? Que faire?" (What to do? What to do?)

Ouch. She got shot in the leg.

But Ulrich's here to protect her!

Her dad made a failure attempt at first.

The tension is high!

"Ulrich non!"

And that's the end of Yumi's screencaps.

Oh didn't I tell you? In addition to screencaps of these girls I'm also showcasing art of them that I've requested and commissioned from other artists on DA. This piece was drawn by my friend HerryLuwuk (who is absolutely amazing) based on this pose done by my forever beautiful friend Eccentricass. HerryLuwuk works great with references (as you can see how with well he copied the Max screencap) and it's proven here. Alright, on to Jenny who's making her first appearance in the blog. As told by an Anonymous user, these screencaps are from the Martin Mystery episode, "Monster Movie Mayhem".

She's being kidnapped by Java who's been posed by a curse that makes fictional monsters from movies and comics come to life. The curse affected him because he's dressed up as one. 

Oh yeah, Jenny's also in her sleeping clothes. Barefoot heaven.

Is that cleavage I spy there?

Indeed it is! Ass too!

She screams so much during this act that she puts Redead to shame

Nice lips.

But you'd scream too if you were getting carried away by a King Kong rip-off.

Good lord look how high she is!

And now she falls to her doom.

Martin got a boner lol

And now she wakes up.

She remembers nothing. Also, what the hell is Prank Patrol?

I was actually surprised by this scene. She wakes up and she sees Maritn holding her yet she doesn't get mad. I guess she doesn't hate him that much. Well that's it for Jenny's post (also she looks real hot in this screencap)!

And here's Jenny's piece of artwork drawn by my friend, the ever talented XJKenny (who is improving all the time with his style!). Jenny wearing those same pajamas with a thong for added sexiness! Thanks a bunch for doing this Kenny! I didn't have an artwork from somebody of Jenny and I was worried I may not have been able to do her tribute, but you practically saved the post buddy! Thank you very much! :D Okay guys stayed tuned for post #2! The Anniversary celebration is far from over!

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  1. Wow so awesome two hot girls in one post. :-D Yumi and Jenny are both really attractive. Also really cool to see a barefoot Jenny moment. Been imagining how nice her feet must look for a long time. ^_^ Great post Digiharrisom. :-)