Friday, April 29, 2011

Anniversary Post #3: T is for Ten (Melanie) and S is for Sissi

Time for post #3 folks! This time starring the two vixens Ten a.k.a Melanie Walker and Sissi Delmas. We've seen them before so nothing too new this time. Still that doesn't matter since they're both beautiful as hell. Let's start off with Melanie. Her screencaps are from the Batman Beyond episode, "Once Burned".

I simply can't get enough of this outfit! This is easily the cutest villain costume ever!

Uptoyour old tricks I see.


Ah the lovely couple reunited at last

Terry knows her secret, but she doesn't know his.

She also doesn't know that he and Dana are dating again so we get this little sexual tension thing going on here.

And I do mean sexual.

But she should know that Batman by any other name never gives in to temptation that easily.

Though Terry is still an adolescent teen however...

Okay this is where the turn off begins. Look at their faces! (Especially Terry's 0_o) 

This scene would be a lot hotter if they just drew the faces right!

Cause I mean she's on his bed right next to him wearing a short skirt. Com'on now!

Ah there we go. Guess I must of caught some bad frames or something.

By the way, that was Dana on the phone asking if they were still going to study that night.

Of course he had to lie so he could be hooked up with this honey. I don't blame him though. Dana's really a bitch at heart. I'd lie to her too.

Sex scene beginning in 3....2....1.....


Go on McGinnis. Cop it. You know you want to.

Bah. Idiot. Still he scored touchdown with this one.

Can say most sexual moment in cartoon history? And yes I think this counts as having sex because they're right on his bed, they're alone in his house, Melanie's practically in his lap, and on top of all that...

They were there ALL DAY. And it started in the morning. Makes you wonder what else they did all day. I'm sure my friend Emma-Erotic will have the answer soon. *wink wink*

So, why you covering in-between your legs Melanie

Could it be that this happened while you and Terry wear getting it on?

Note that this is actually from Terry's view. Didn't know he was a leg man.

But seriously how could he not love someone like Melanie? Even though she is a (former) criminal she's still got the looks of a goddess.

"Ready for another round big boy?"

Ha ha. Terry's trying to cover his boner.

Sex averted. His brother and mother are home.

Now she has to go.

She doesn't look too happy about it.

Leaving through the window. Classic.

Terry still suspects that she might be up to something. Yeah, she broke into your house and had sex with you all day. She's DEFINITELY not up to something.

One more kiss.

Wow how hot is she!

I swear these few frames is where she looks her hottest!

Back to the hot costume however

Epic smile

Caught again eh?

Be gentle now Batman.

After all she had sex with YOU. You could at least return her the favor.

Apparently her family was kidnapped and held ransom by some Jokerz.

And she wants to get them back by force. The hard way.

Hubba hubba.

I still wonder how the Royal Flush Gang is able to control those things.

However in the end her family lied to her just so she could get them more money.

Feeling betrayed she goes on her own way, which totally sucks because her last appearance in season 3 was too minor and she could have turned a new leaf and became an ally of Batman to redeem herself! Maybe we still could have seen her in this cute outfit. Oh well that's the end of her post and on that note:

Here's 2 random panty shots my perverted eye discovered in this episode:P

And yes the girl is cute from the front as well.

And here's Melanie's artwork done by my friend BlackAngel14. I wanted him to draw Melanie in this pose after watching this video of someone demonstrating a sexy Melanie M.U.G.E.N character He did a pretty good job too and I love the background! Alright next up is the voluptuous Sissi once again! Her screencaps are from are from the episode, "Un Grand Jour" ("A Great Day" in U.S)

Here's our sexy little antagonist listening in on a conversation between Jeremy and Aelita 

Um, is her buttcrack always showing like that?

I wish I had a tape recorder. 

So she tells Jeremy she heard everything he and Aelita were talking about and threatens to tell her father.

So Ulrich agrees to teach her some karate moves.

Of course it was all a trick in an attempt to get the tape recorder back.

Odd: "Pourquoi est-elle toujours clignotant son crack cul comme ça?" (Why is she always flashing her butt crack like that?)

Jeremy: "Je ne sais pas. Juste profiter de la vue pendant qu'elle dure." (I don't know. Just enjoy the view while it lasts.)

If you've seen this episode in before you would know that they get sent back to the past several times due to an activated tower. Now this time Ulrich actually WANTS to help Sissi.

Heh. Even she's surprised.

Hitmonlee stance!

Again Sissi I'm just as surprised as you.

Sissi: "Peut-être que je devrais revoir tout cela." (Maybe I should reconsider this whole thing.)

Then back to the past once more.

And she rats them out.

Return to the past again and...0_0

Time for another Sissi underwear scene!

Wow she has an awesome bust.

Here come the panties!

Awesome am I right?

Yes I took plenty of these frame by frame.

But who wouldn't?

And she begins to walk.

Lovely legs she has.

Another thing I particularly like about this underwear scene is that THEY'RE PRACTICALLY IN YOUR FACE!

They take up nearly the whole screen! And this was unedited in the US, but because of it the French team was advised to stop giving her so many underwear scenes. *Sigh* Fuck censorship.


What's that behind her?

Nearing the end.

Is that Coke can wearing shoes and sunglasses? That's weirder than the chained up Superman with Batman's head!

And if you look closely you can see that it looks like it's staring at her ass so that makes it mega weird!

I think this should be a new "DAT ASS" meme.

XANA Rape time.

Ah nice back view.

"Ah, bonjour Sissi vous cherchez aujourd'hui belle." (Ah, good morning Sissi you're looking lovely today.) What? You never talk to yourself in the mirror?

Let the rape commence! After this video.

Ah, even her yawning is sexy. Moving on!

Yeah, I suppose you're wondering where the caps where she is possessed by XANA are, but truth be told I didn't find her particularly sexy when that happened so I'm just going to skip over them.

Hah her tape recorder got smashed. Okay that's the end of Sissi's post.

This was a coloring and re-sketching of a request from Joseph27 done by Phillipthe2 of The Deuce. Considering what he told me about how he's not so good at re-sketching this turned out pretty decent. At least he fixed a toe error that was present in the previous sketch. Alright guys stick around! There's plenty more on the way!


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  2. O_O Ten is massively awesome!! I love that hot blonde villainess. Sissi is great too. Nice post Digiharrisom

  3. I've always admired Sissi, so much so that I made this Facebook Group dedicated to her! You are free to join immensely, as we are just as crazy about her as you are! (All 10 of us)!/groups/103514293073182/

  4. Can you do Dana? She's really underappreciated, the most out of all the Batman Beyond girls.

  5. "Of course he had to lie so he could be hooked up with this honey. I don't blame him though. Dana's really a bitch at heart. I'd lie to her too."

    Did you have to bash Dana? She's one of the nicest girls in Batman Beyond, the farthest thing from a bitch. She's just not a doormat so she gets mad when Terry lies to her and blows her off.