Sunday, November 28, 2010

M is for Motivation

I just can't get enough of this scene! :D Loved it so much I had to make an MP out of it continuing to prove Phillipthe2's point. Don't worry guys I still have the next girl ready and will post her soon!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

W is for Will

In response of the poll I made MONTHS ago this is my tribute to Will Vandom from W.I.T.C.H. Like Irma Will is an energetic tomboy (Hotness!). She is also the leader of the group and the Guardian of the Veil. She is the one that is responsible for everyone to be able to transform and use their powers. I like Will, but not as much as I love Hay Lin. Hay Lin is just so cute and has that cheerful and innocent personality! That always beats my love for tomboys. But enough of that. Let's get my first real post since Halloween started. These caps are from the episode, "Divide and Conquer". 

Aw she looks so cute here!

She thinks the guy she likes likes her because "he's not looking at her." Girls are complicated aren't they?

I love hairstyles like hers. 

A new girl is hitting on the boy she likes and she's not happy about that.

No that's not him. That's Caleb. The boy Cornelia likes. He came from a different world than theirs.

To the mountains!

Uh oh.

Oh well so the new girl got her first.

*How could this happen to me plays*

That's Matt. The boy she likes. He ain't nothin special.

I love it when the animation gets bright and colorful like this.

And when the girls look all pretty and cute!

Enter new girl.

And Will is being smart arsed and cocky towards her.

Ah so warm and cozy. I want to rub her feet in those socks! (Yes even as a foot fetishist I like socks as well :P )

Be happy Will! It's almost Christmas.

Hooray Hay Lin is here too!

"Freeze! You are under arrest for being too cute!"

Tomboy attitude.

God I love her hair!

"Guardians unite!"

She challenged the new girl to a ski race to see who gets to sit on the bus with Matt. Problem is Will can't ski for shit, so she needs Hay Lin's power to help her.

Point proven here.

And here.

But hey, she looks cute!

That's the new girl behind her. She is supposedly from Switzerland and that makes her popular amongst the guys. *eyeroll*

Hay Lin had to save a bunny from a fox so now Will is on her own.

Watch out! You're gonna crash!

lol doggy style eh?

Don't worry no one is looking.

Well except for us.

Well well what do we have here? I guess upskirts can be sexy even if you're wearing leggings. 

Well more or less.

Same goes for here.

Hay Lin: "Will... What am I gonna to do with you?"

Enter evil snake guy.

Yeah yeah I know this is Will's post but this shot was too good to pass up. Thighs and boobs can't be beat! It'd be even sexier if they were using her comic outfit without those clown socks.

Well she still has them here, but at least they aren't thigh high.

Well at least you can see Will's shoe so that counts for something right?

Who asked you Robotnik?

Wow, snake dude you're a perv...


Watch your hands Will

Umm...WilLin anyone? I don't know it's like my friend phillipsthe2 said in his blog about a picture he colored of Raven and Starfire kissing. " In the sense that two are complete polar opposites certainly make for a cute couple." I agree and this picture justifies that. Lol my other friend FitzOblong should do a picture of them embracing each other while naked. I mean Will looks like she's ready to lick Hay Lin's ear! Lol my perverted mind is active tonight :P but enough of that back to the post!

Hey snake face you're spoiling their moment!

"Guardians unite!"

Foot shot from the Switzerland girl. She turned out to be a phony. But hey she's hot!

I think Will is kinda angry with Matt ignoring her. So it's best to end this post before she brings out her angry side. Whoo! Feels good to be back! I'm glad I still have my watchers. I don't ever aim to disappoint anyone. Thanks for all your support everyone! I have the next girl capped and ready to go!