Saturday, January 8, 2011

S is for Sam

Alright first post of the year. Many of you are familiar with Sam from Totally Spies. She's the brains of the group and it always seems the smart ones get looked over the most so I've decided to do a tribute to her this time. These screencaps are from the episode, "Abductions"  

Clover is trying out for a role in a school play, but Sam and Alex doesn't think she can do it. There's confidence for you...

I'm gonna say right now that the animation in this episode isn't particularly top notch. Sam and Alex's eyes are way under-detailed in this shot.

Other times it's not so bad

Sam is definitely made for that role

And the director agrees

But let's be honest she's way too modest

Of course being the good friend she is she tries to convince him that Clover is the best choice instead

I really like that midriff she's wearing

By showing off her facial qualities

And then THIS happens. 

As the video implies just use your imagination. :) Personally I think her and Mandy make a better couple anyway.

Well you do. Even if Mandy is a bitch.

Unfortunately the thought of going far with her acting skills got to her head

And now she's full of herself and develops a love/hate relationship with her "girl"

Lol Clover looks so funny in this scene

Clover: "We are through Samantha Simpson!" (yeah that's her last name) "You hear me? Through!"

I guess that leaves poor Alex alone.

Oh Sam you and your smug personality.

Another WOOHP transportation.

Only this one was less perilous.

Those are special glasses. I forgot what they do.

They're mission is taking place in Paris. I'm gonna be honest here and say that Sam isn't a very convincing French girl

Fight! Fight! Someone get some oil on these two!

The Eiffel Tower looks kind of weird in the background doesn't it?

There's an extremely hot spy girl on your windshield. What do you do?

I love how lustrous Sam's hair is.

"So long suckers!"

Now they enter a sewer.

lol Sam looks pissed here.


Eh, she's a leg person

Wow. Those guys have such little detail in their faces

I guess it's time to kiss and make up.

But they still have to shut down the machine

Com'on Sam you can do it! Pull harder!

Sam has an idea.

God she look cute here! Those eyes are unbelievable! 

Well now it's time to kiss and make up.

"I don't know Sam. Are you sure you're sorry?"

She then took the hit for Clover when purple...."substance" started to splatter.

"Yes. I'm sure"

"Oh Sammy!"
"Oh Clover!"
(What about Alex? She deserves love too!)

Wow that skirt is pretty! The best part? It has "clovers" on it :D 

Oh Sam you're so seductive.

And that's the end of the post. Not bad for the first post of the year, but I hope to go deeper into obscurity later on. Also answer the latest poll plz!


  1. The fact that her skirt has clovers is like a very obvious hint.

    By the way, I can´t vote in the poll even using my Google-Blogger account. I make click on it and nothing happens.
    And I want to vote for Clover, of course.

  2. Awesome...Sam is my favorite of the spies. She totally rules!! :-D

  3. Mandy is a bit... clingy there hahaha

  4. A Sam é demais é a minha favorita das "totally spies" é a mais inteligente e para mim a mais bonita!!I love sam!<3

  5.  SAM IS HOT