Saturday, January 29, 2011

T is for Talia

Time for another real post. This is Talia Al Ghul from the Batman series. However this was a crossover episode with Superman. She is the daughter or Batman's most powerful foe, Ra's Al Ghul. In this crossover she was trying to steal Superman's power and give it to her father who was dying. Ironic since in Batman Beyond she... Nevermind. Let's get this post started.

That suit is badass.

It almost looks like a Tron suit.

Quorra's to be exact

One thing about Bruce Timm's women, they never fail to impress us with close-ups of their asses.

The animation was a little off in this episode at times. Her lips look a little too bright here for example.

Yes. Like many of the female villains she's a cocktease too.


Nope it's Talia.

Lol @ Superman's expression! It's funnier because he doesn't have pupils.

"Your soul belongs to the staff!"

That's Ra's Al Ghul there. Yep. Batman's strongest foe.

Fun fact: Superman still has his strength at this time. I know this because later he's able to break the chains. Why didn't he use it to escape now?

Wow she's cute. No wonder Bruce loves her more than Selina.

I've seen a staff similar to that design somewhere else before...


Yes. Superman used his heat vision. Again he could have used it to escape as well. I refer you to the link above.

And she loses the staff.

"And now..."

ROFL!!! That has to be the most epic WTF face anyone has ever made in a Superman episode! That is "plz account" worthy on DA! :D

Now it's back to normal.

And Ra's Al Ghul is dead.

But she's determined to give her father youth again. *Sigh* If only she knew what would happen in Batman Beyond.

"All systems! Full Power!" <---- Bonus points if you can guess where that quote is from.

And that's the end of Talia's post. In the end both her and her father lost. Hmm I actually had fun with this post and am disappointed that it's already over. Talia has always been one of those underrated Batman females to me. But I have to bring this up because people will kill me if I don't. I know her hair style is similar to Jessica Rabbit's

They're just mirrored. Stay tuned for next week's post!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

U is for Unused Joke

I'm sure you're all wondering what happened to this week's post. Well I got a little caught up in some stuff I needed to take care of this weekend. We just got a new 60-inch HDTV in the game room and we've been doing a lot of re-arranging and hook-ups with game consoles and cable boxes. But all is good now and unfortunately I need to get some sleep for school tomorrow so I don't really have time to make the next tribute at the moment. So instead I'm going to post an unused joke that was supposed to be in my Magma tribute.

Just Tabby thrusting her boobies while doing limbo ^_^ I was just surprised when I first saw this. Not that her breasts are detailed or anything but the fact that they zoomed in on them like that and the way she was moving them. It's up to you to decide whether you like it or not. I left it out because it was Magma's tribute. But again whether you like it or not is up to you. See you next week!

Monday, January 17, 2011

M is for Magma

Happy MLK day everyone! Here's the second girl of the year (who coincidently is black). Magma from X-Men: Evolution. As her name implies she has the power of fire and can control and turn her body into fire like the Human Torch. She bares a slight resemblance to Amanda, who I have done before, but with a lighter skin tone. She's also Tabitha's best friend. So let's get started with this tribute. These caps are from the episode, "Cruise Control".

Some of the X-Men are on vacation on a cruise ship being chaperoned by Ororo. No one knows that they are all mutants....yet.

And unfortunately Amara (Magma's real name) gets seasick easily.

Hey look who's back! Tabitha!

Iceman (the dude in the last picture) fell off the boat.

He was saved however. This is the room Amara and Tabitha stay in. Together

Notice how she stares directly at Amara's ass.

It would be more hot if she wasn't in pain.

Her powers are acting up for some reason.

This causes her to be emo for the first half of the episode.

"Come back soon Tabitha dear"

"I will Amara. I will."

Um, how did they change to swimsuits all of a sudden?

"No Tabitha. Not now."

And then their regular clothes again...

But Tabitha still has her bikini...shorts on. I'll admit the animation in this episode wasn't top notch.

Wish I was there.

Wow she's beautiful! No wonder Tabitha can't resist her!

Tabitha: "We'll be somewhere a little quieter."

"Maybe later Tabby"

Even Kurt can't resist her ass.

Neither can I.

Hey look! Her feet too!

Nice perspective.

More feet 

Her toes are nicely detailed here.

Keep enjoying them.

Now her hips look huge.

This is the only frame where her face looks decent.

How's about a little bit of Tabby's soles too?

They look better detailed. And bigger.

They saved this village from a volcano tremor.

Oh god look Kitty's face. She looks like one of those kids from Mazuri in Sonic Unleashed.

Best shot of them together ever!

Amara had something to do with the volcano tremor because of her powers.

So here's the emoness again -_-

Drama much?

Oh now the volcano's erupting.

And she's just standing there...

Do something!

Are you getting idea yet?

That appears to be the case.

Don't tell me you're gonna...yeah she jumped into the volcano.

And she sealed it up as well.

Nice going!

Now there's a smile I've been waiting for.

Now Amara what about Tabitha? Besides Amanda already has him under wraps.

Well that's the end of this tribute. Hope you all enjoyed. I hate to say that these tributes may occur weekly from now on because of my busy schedule. Sorry guys. But don't stop watching!