Sunday, April 7, 2013

L is for La (Queen La) Pt. 2

Sorry this took so long, but I finally found time to make a second Queen La post! She deserves more than one. She also deserved more than two episodes, but sadly, this is her last one -- Alive, anyway.

As usual, I'm going to be putting a lot of words in her mouth. The quotes I write aren't hers unless I say otherwise and are merely there for a cheap laugh. It's just the way I do things.

So this episode is called "The Leopard Man Rebellion" and guess who they're rebelling against.

Yep. Their abusive (but not in the kinky way most guys would want) ruler, Queen La.

This is the closest thing we got to a panty shot or even ass shot, sadly.

God, I love her face...

Oddly, the leopard currently chasing her isn't all that man-like. Think Sabor, but not dead.

Tarzan heard the ruckus, but he wasn't expecting La, nor does he really want to save her after their last run-in.

Still, who would Tarzan be if he didn't fight a leopard?

Off-screen leap!

Obviously, the first thing she does after she's out of harm's way is to make a move on Tarzan...

...But the first thing HE does to her is ask where Jane is, who was captured by her Leopard Men.

"Humph! You're still on that bitch?"

"I was better off with the leopard."

Still, she likes Tarzan enough to explain her innocence.

She explains to him and his goofy Disney-style sidekicks that the Leopard Men rebelled against her and she has nothing to do with Jane's predicament (this time).
Someone added an extra dose of sexiness to her abs in this episode...

A reluctant Tarzan agrees to let La help, what with her knowing the ins and outs of Opar.

And the ins is apparently how they're sneaking into Opar... Deep underground.

Above shots really bring out the roundness of La's luscious hips...

A few traps here and there...

Nothing Tarzan can't save her from.

More great ab drawings. If it weren't for Jane and his past with La, Tarzan would be stupid not to go for that!

Finally! Back in the palace! And La's staff is controlling Jane, making her the new Leopard Man leader!

"Aw HELL to the NAW!"

La makes a leap for her staff, with some great legs shots, but...


Oh, the things I could say about this image...

"Psyche! I ain't dead yet!"

Times for some great bare feet and leg shots!

"Gimme that, you man-stealing poser!"

At last! The rightful ruler has returned!

Nice mugshots to celebrate...

"For my first act as your returning leader..."


"...No, not THAT kind of pain. I mean suffering for the traitors."

Especially this guy, who started the rebellion to begin with, from the looks of it.

"I'll make preparations for his punishment. The rest of you can look at my fine-ass legs as I walk off."

"Before your death... Paint me like one of your French leopards."

Everything seems ready to go for the execution...

...But hold on!

Those goofy sidekicks are back as a distraction to save the Leopard Man!

Sadly, La's too smart for that shit.

"I'd hate to end the lives of such beloved Disney animal sidekicks..."

"...But Timon and Pumbaa aren't here, so I'll kill you idiots instead!"

Now let's appreciate some frame by frame goodness...

You don't wanna screw with toned arms like those!

 Or a smirk like that!

Or fire power like this!

Then again, it probably shouldn't have been literal fire power. Tantor's water-spraying trunk made quick work of it.

"How dare you make me wet for the male viewers to oggle over!"

As Leopard Men jump at her, she defends herself with some magic vaporizing.

"...Aw, f***. I needed them to rule over."

Jane, on the other hand, she'd have no problem with taking out...

As for Tarzan, he's down in a pit, saving that Leopard Man from an aquatic beast. From the looks of it, he might have risked his life in doing so.

"Well, there's no more Tarzan for us to fight over, but I still don't like you! Goodbye!"

Whoops! Guess who's back and angry with La!

"I always wanted to be dominated by Tarzan from behind... Just not like this!"

Sadly, the fate of La is getting turned to ashes when her staff is broken by Jane. She came back in one more episode, but it was just her spirit possessing Jane's body, so I'm not making another La post out of that.

Let us have a moment of silence for this fine piece of ass of a villain...
...Alright, that's good. I'm gonna go try to think up a pinup for her...


  1. I think I'm in love with her now...

  2. And Tarzan killed her !Gay ape !

  3. I find it ironic how you made one of the captions "How dare you make me wet for the male viewers to oggle over!" because La seems like the kind of woman who loves being ogled as she looks like she could use her sexual nature to bend men to her will.