Sunday, March 13, 2011

F is for Fiona

Alright back to business. I hope you all know I'm sacrificing my Pokemon Black & White time for this. I haven't posted anything of substance for and fear of not doing so again because of Pokemon Black & White got to me so I said what the hell and took a break. This girl is Fiona from Zoids: Chaotic Century. For those of you who don't know the story well (like me) she was found in a capsule in some old ruins along with a Organoid named Zeke by a guy named Van Flyheight. I watched Zoids as a kid and I always found Fiona to be incredibly cute. Since Zoids itself isn't that popular anymore I can consider Fiona to be forgotten. So here she is now from episode 6, "Jump! Zeke!"

That girl next to her is Moonbay who also is hot as hell. But she's a terrible singer.

Something's up ahead.

You can see a little of Van in the back. He's sleeping.

Oh. A cricket. That's what they stopped for. Well nature is important I guess.

Now I'm reminded why I loved her so much! KAWAII! ^_^

I love how she always has those cute clueless expressions on her face.

I never knew what kind of sandwiches those were.

I noticed that she kind of looks like Chii from Chobits as well

Although Chii is has a bit more "content" than Fiona (until New Century Zero)

But that doesn't bring down her cuteness factor!

Especially when she's asleep!

Aw, com'on Moonbay move your arm! You're blocking her feet!

Shit, now she's awake. >:(

Oh I bet you're wondering why they're locked up. Well they've been accused for a crime they didn't commit. 

Not being able to see Fiona's feet sucks even more. Thanks a lot Moonbay!

No Fiona! Don't you know that guns are dangerous?!

That's right. Cartoon characters never get hurt by real guns, but anime characters do.

Well that's the end of Fiona's post. Next up a girl from Pokemon. Which reminds me,

Hilda is fucking hot!! I'd show you her throwing sprite but I don't want to spoil it for you :p

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