Monday, October 4, 2010

October Month Day 2: X is for Xero (Agent Xero)

Ok no more "bullsh". Time to get serious. This is the main character Agent Xero with her partner Mole. Just so we're clear she IS Lacy Shadows in disguise. She's part of a secret organization known as "The Modifyers." She works for a guy named Katz

No not this one. And she and her partner are able to take forms of many different disguises. The show was originally pitched to Nickelodeon, but it was rejected and never caught on as a series. The pilot had a lot of potential as well. It was funny, original, and something that really felt like a Nicktoons show.
Modifyers really should have caught on and even the developers of the show haven't given up on it. Modifyers needs all the support it can get. I first heard about it in Rogerbacon's Art Jam and there you can find links to two parts of the pilot. You'll love it trust me. To show my support to the show I did these tributes. Now let's get started shall we?

An example of her disguise changing ability

Pesky ring.


It even kept some cartoony aspects. Much like My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Race to touch the ring.

Sign language is the way of the future.

Pretty isn't it?

Eww there's a rat in your sink!


She wants to use it to find something important.

But Mole does not approve.

Eww sour milk is the worst.

But why pour it down the sink? Why make it suffer?

That's one way to get rid of a rat.

Think of the things they could accomplish with it. The secrets the world must know. Like what the hell was the inspiration for Moar Krabs?

I got a small version in order to not scare my "moar" tender hearted viewers.

"All seeing eye, where are my F-"

Friends? Family members? Foes?

WTF faces.

The eye is gone.

Don't mope about it. Do something!

*Insert theme music here*


That's Katz. Or part of his face.

I declare her the queen of weird smiles.

Now what?

She flew a plane after the rat and got shot down into a cemetery. How fitting. *Glares at Nickelodeon*

Hmm. A broken ball.

Lacy Shadows is back!

Backpack tug-o-war

There's Baron Vein. Our main antagonist.

And Agent Xero is back.

*Looks at the tombstone* How fitting. Let's hope the developers find someone else to get this show.

And that's the end. Maybe. I really hope this show takes off. It really has a lot of potential. That's all for now guys!


  1. I think both girls are beautiful. Totally love the style of the animation.

  2. Only the main character is salvageable from this shitwreck.

    Would not watch.

    1. What was so bad about it that made it a shitwreck. It wasn't the best thing ever, I must admit, but it wasn't as terrible as the Bubsy pilot. There are greater things in the world but this is good in my opinion.

  3. nice very cute girl i hope they find a company that is willing to air this show soon

  4. I hope Haim Saban buys the Modifyers pilot from Nickelodeon, and have the Saban Capital Group merge with the Fox Entertainment Group, so that they can relaunch Fox Kids, and have Fox Kids give the Modifyers the green light.

  5. Se ve muy buena serie pero nick acepta lo que no dura

  6. I have a crush on Agent Xero. XD

  7. Personally, I think the Modifyers should go to Disney Channel.