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Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Month Day 1: L is for Lacy

Alright guys it's October so I'm going to do costumed and/or mysterious, goth girls all month. Do you recognize this girl? Of course not! Because she's from a one-shot show called "The Modifyers." Her name is Lacy Shadows. She works for this guy called "Baron Vain" by stealing priceless artifacts. Well let's get started shall we?

Her teammate is a rat. Go figure.

That there is the all seeing eye. "It sees all, knows all, and can answer any question."

Hah! All she has for the baron is a lunch box!

The all seeing eye is indeed the superior.

I see we have a trickster on our hands.

That smile freaks me out too.


That rat has a rape face.

Epic fail on his part.


Only skinny people can ride those things efficiently.

Looks like a British phone to me.

Hopscotch code. Genius.

Nice place.


What the?



  1. I've seen her. She was a real cutie. Pity she didn't get a series

  2. They're not giving up on it. They're desperately trying to find someone who will take the show. Nick didn't want it (idiots) so they're trying to find another company who will take it.

    1. Where did you hear this information?

  3. I love your blog. Because of this, I had found another goth girl for my own blog. I hope they'll put Lacy Shadows on TV. Steampunk is a wonderful setting as it is.

  4. Agent Xero (or Lacey Shadows) is actually really cute. I wonder if Disney Channel picked up the Modifyers.

  5. People only give a shit about this character nowadays because of that shitty porno parody.