Monday, September 20, 2010

R is for Redo (Lillymon)

Yeah. She was the one I wanted to redo. Last time when I did Lillymon I had a hard time finding uncut raw episodes of Digimon Adventure. I eventually went to Megavideo (despite the shitty site it is) and found what I thought was the Japanese version but was actually the German version >_> That's why the screens were so low quality. Plus I barely took any screens of her. The total I took the first time was 11 compared to the total I have now which is 20. So yeah I kinda goofed on that one. But nevertheless I'm here to fix that mistake by doing a redo of that post. I will keep the original one which you can see by clicking on the Lillymon tag below. So like before this is Lillymon from the episode, "Flower Power" (The Fairy of Odaiba! Lilimon Blooms in JP version).

Perfect symbolism. A beautiful flower blooms.

Her smile is still cute!

A screencap I didn't take.

Return of Flower Cannon.

Now with a better look at it!

Why did she just start beating her wings when she was flying fine a few moments ago?

That wink is still as cute as ever!

This undershot is still a un-creative as ever. Maybe BigWayne should make an edit of this and give her some panties like he (sort of) did here (Warning contains nudity!)

She beat DarkTyrannomon by "lei-ing" him again. Joke over done I know.

He seemed to have enjoyed it.

But know he's about to get his ass handed to him. Let's have a look at that lovely evolution scene shall we?

We are sorry, but there was an error while trying to process your video.

Dammit Blogger! Why are you having so many problems?! *Sigh* Well that's it for the redo guys. I swear next post will be the Labor Day special. Remember, to view the last post you can click on any of the tags below, but I would recommend clicking on the Lillymon tag in order to save time. 


  1. Good post. Nice shots :D Yeah, Megavideo DOES suck. I tried it once. hated it ><