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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School Special Part 2: Y is for Yuzuuki

Happy Labor Day everyone! Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the post. I'm just running behind. Anyway this is Yuzuuki from the anime KissxSis. She is the reason I had to split the Back to School posts into 3 parts. She currently holds the record of 110 screencaps in all of my blog. She is a teacher and an otaku (which complicates her life). You may remember her from my H is for Help post.

Does this ass look familiar?

 For those of you who have never seen KissxSis, it's an anime about a boy named Keita Suminoe who live with his two older sisters who are madly in love with him and that is okay because they both came from different families thus they're not related blood. The anime is close hentai, but not exactly hardcore. There are erection scenes, sex scenes, partial nudity, and more. If you like ecchi you'll enjoy it. There are 4 OVAs and another one airing in November. Consider this a preview of what you can expect to see in the anime. Well let's get started!

Yes I took these frame by frame as well. :-)

How could I not take them frame by frame? Her ass is perfect!

The white panties are a plus.

Now to right!

And sadly it's over. :(

The face designs on the girls are very cute in this anime.

Oh joy! More ass shots!

But no butt cheek shines. :(

Talk about being dedicated. I don't even think AVGN has this much memorabilia.

Lovely perspective.

Another thing I'd like to point out about Yuzuuki is that when ever she does something erotic like shake her butt it always makes a cute little sound.

See what I mean?

She also says that a lot too.

She also talks to this figment of her imagination of a solider who gives her advice. *cuckoo cuckoo*

She likes to eavesdrop on Keita and his sisters.

You know I think I've seen that look somewhere before.

lol. That should be an emoticon.

She's a bit low on money so these decisions are hard for her.


This could be interesting.

Money kung fu!

I couldn't resist :P

She would look so hot in a swimsuit!

Too bad she has no money.

Don't be so uptight sensei.

There are our main characters. Well three of them anyway.  The two brunette girls from left to right are Riko and Ako. The boy is Keita.

No she's not doing anything sickos.

She's just listening in on another conversation.

And almost got caught

Bad idea...

Told you.

Maybe that's going a bit too far.

Or maybe not


Featuring the girls dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters! Being naughty if I may add.

"どこで手に入れたのですか?!" ("Doko de te ni ireta nodesu ka?!" (Where did you get that?)")

BTW, this lady's still a virgin.

Scenes like this makes that very hard to believe.

She's changing in front of the boys BTW

Ako and Riko don't approve.

Note that is Keita's sweat suit.

Well that's nice of her ^_^

0_0 words can't describe how hot this is.

I love it when these women do that.

Okay, that's too much!

Don't forget to wash it Yuzuuki.




0_0 I'm trying my best to refrain from posting one of those you-know-what scenes I told you about.

That's not really her color if you ask me.

Speaking of hard...

Nah, still too early.

Or maybe not.

She put this on naked too by the way.

This can't be good.

Really? Is this how women "please" themselves? By imagining things? 

Yay, transparent!



It was officially time. Hah hah don't worry they're not all like this. He just happened to be naked at that time and this isn't a "full" hentai anime.

Now on to the fantasy!

Please note Yuzuuki is a High School teacher and Keita was only in Middle School at this time.

You know I really never found those things attractive.

Yes I am.

My teacher's breasts aren't, but yours are.

This is straight out of a hentai, but more softcore.


Eh, more or less.

I think we're ready for the real deal

Let that be an example of what's going to happen when you watch this anime. lol

Fantasy ends now.

The next morning...

She forgets everything. I refer you to Eve in the last part.

Yay more bare feet!

And shiny boobies!

Is your memory really that bad?

I understand how the guilt feels. Trust me.

But maybe he'll forgive you.

This anime really goes beyond the boundary between ecchi and hentai.

Well I guess you won't be returning the jersey after all. Well that's all for Yuzuuki, but before we leave

I find this scene more erotic with the sound effects. If you don't then here:

I hope this makes you and a certain part of yours happy! Well final girl coming up guys! She's not as sexy and erotic as Yuzuuki but still cute nonetheless! Mark up another post tagged with ecchi! Also if you're horny brave enough to experience KissxSis then you can find high quality episodes here. You can also find fanservice galleries there which is where I found this GIF.

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