Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to School Special Part 3: H is for Hay Lin

Oy. Going back to school has got my free time pinned down. That's why this post and the Labor Day Special are long overdue. Also I'm planning to finally post another entry in DA's Nightmare soon. This is Hay Lin from W.I.T.C.H. She's my favorite in the gang. She's always so cheerful and naive (my two favorite qualities). She's the cutest in the group a well. I also think at Animated Life her page had the most pictures than all 5 girls. Well she's the last girl in the Back to School special. Time to get this done so I can upload the very overdue Labor Day special. I really need to plan these out better. These screencaps are from the episode, "R is for Relentless".

A welcome back present for KSC from Rosh Hashanah ^_^ Why is that some animators always draw the big toe nail and leave out the others?

She has the cutest face!

She has a very shapely butt as well. Aw why are you putting your shoes back on honey?

And smiling while looking back. You f**king tease!

She's very flexible as well.


Didn't you hear? Every September 12 is Grandparents Day!

"Guardians Unite" transformation.


Sheesh their wings sure beat fast!


Nah it's just her fear essence :D

But it sure does make it look like she has a bad body odor.

No no don't hit me! It was just joke! I'm sorry!

A light shines in Hay Lin's heart...(Must be a Blue Dragon fan to get this joke)

I don't think Will had as much pictures on her Animated Life page.

No need to be jealous Will. You'll get yours one of these days.

Even Hay Lin believes that.

Chemistry is awesome.

Enter her stalker.

Use your imagination.

I'm sorry. I forgot you hate dirty jokes.

Stakeout time.

I never realized how big her ears were until now o_0

That kid's gonna grow up to be a rapist.

The enemies have arrived.

Trying to remove the logo is useless. Believe me Gazpacho has tried

Nice form.

I think you overdid it though.

That little green thing is named Blunk. He ruins my view of Hay Lin's ass.

These animators are good, but when it comes to perspective shots most of the time their characters look weird.

The evil witch lady is named Nerissa. She was one of the original Guardians of the Veil.

Hay Lin sure doesn't like to wear shoes that much. That's why I love her.

Dat ass.

Dat bak.

Her hair looks like it's alive.

Again it was just a joke! No need to take it seriously.

Getting distracted is the number 1 no-no in combat.

Thanks to shots like these and my friend HairyHandedGent's pictures like this (Warning contains nudity) I've developed a (covered) crotch fetish. That's a good thing.

Not to mention a spread legs fetish as well.

Damn you random Jetix pop-ups! I don't give a damn who you're shouting out to. Get out of the fucking way!!

I'm pretty sure you all know Taranee. Even she had more pictures than Irma and I thought Irma was more popular than her. In fact, I think I'll make a poll asking which W.I.T.C.H girl is more popular.

Get ready for a pose montage.

Ok I know those aren't panties, but it's still a nice pose.

If only she shook her hips...

So cute!

And she has a crush on the ugliest boy I've ever seen in the show. Oh well. One final tidbit before I end this post.

In the W.I.T.C.H comics she's the only one who doesn't wear those clown socks. Why did they change that in the show? Probably same reason Raven's skirt was changed to a leotard.

"To avoid several animation complications." In other words, to prevent panty shots and decrease her fanservice and sexuality. And apparently a leotard does all of that. Riiight. Psst, kids like legs and thighs too. Well that's the end of this post folks. Next up, the late Labor Day Special. Also, don't forget to vote on the poll!


  1. I didn`t notice the diference between her big toe and the other. Now it looks a little weird to me.

    But Hay Lin is very cute, any way. :)

  2. So awesome...Hay Lin totally rocks. Great Entry Digiharrisom. Also thanks very much for the Rosh Hashanah wishes...great way to start off the Jewish new year with Haylin's feet. :-)

    P.S. For the poll I voted for my favorite redheaded W.I.T.C.H. member...Will. :-D