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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School Special Part 1: D is for Daisy, E is for Eve, and Y is for You know who


Well this took me all week to finish, but I'm done. But I have to divide it into 3 parts because one of the girls' caps exceeds 100. I'm like two weeks late, but remember some kids don't go to school as early as Texans >_> Well for part one we have Daisy Walkins from Static Shock, Eve from Pokemon, and *gulp* you know who. I can't say her name now because I might get tempted to do her first when I want to save her for last. So first off I'll start with Daisy from the episode, "The New Kid".

Another high-quality Kids WB rip

They're at a technology college where the students build robots. I'm more into video game development.

"I don't know about that Virgil kid."


Caught in the act.

Stake out time.

The school's evil plans have been discovered.

Wow. This girl has some big thighs...

And that's it for Daisy. Next up we have Eve from Pokemon! 

She's a young archeologist who wants to discover the secret of Pokemopolis. She's very cute as well and (in the dub) has a very nice French accent. Much like someone else we know...

But this is Eve's post so let's get started! This is from the episode, "The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis".

I see you!

She even has a team behind her as well.

She also reminds me of Erika except her hair isn't shiny and Erika's taller.

But she's old enough for Brock to like.

Cutest expression ever!

"Stop it professor you're embarrassing me!"

See how short she is now?

I guess she's embarrassed about that as well.

Ancient stone tablets rock!

When she says it in the dub with that accent it sounds really creepy. I haven't seen the Japanese version, but I doubt it's creepier than this


But she's still cute nonetheless ^_^

o_0 Uh, why are Ash and Brock sleeping in the same bed?

That was my reaction too.

Paranormal activity during the day.

And it suddenly got dark


Now giant marked Pokemon appear.

Don't get caught in the spell Eve!

Too late...

The spoon compels you.

Don't touch her there Brock!

Her own voice creeps her out.

I like this expression.

It's not your fault Eve. Brock was a perv from the beginning.


And in the morning...

She forgets everything.

Keep this reference in mind for part 2. Anyway moving on to final girl of this post.


It's a shame hers has to be cut short :(


No way.

You gotta be kidding me!

How does a dick like Doyle get the honor of being kissed by such as beautiful alien girl?! Oh well. That's it for part 1. Hopefully I'll have the other three parts up so I'll still have time for the Labor Day special.

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  1. Awesome...who knew back to school could be so much fun. All three of these girls are great. Looking forward to the other parts as well. ^_^